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Chinese New Year 2016 Greetings! Best CNY Greetings!

Chinese New Year 2016 Greetings

With Chinese new year arriving, we are well aware of the fact that you are super-excited about the festival. The Chinese New Year festival is celebrated by most of the people in countries like Malaysia, Singapore, United States, China, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, United Kingdom and many more.

Chinese New Year Greetings

Today is the most special and day and most of the people search for Chinese new year greetings. Make the most out of these greetings presented in the post today. There are plenty of resources available online to copy paste the greetings but there are many which are common in all. 

So today, we are going to post some of the unique greetings and messages for Chinese New Year 2016, so that you never find it hard to collect the best of all the Chinese New Year greetings.

Happy Chinese New Year Greetings

You Can’t Build A Shining Tomorrow Without Contemplating The Ruins Of The Past Wish You Fresh New Year Aspirations

New year will bring great opportunities to become the successful person you’ve always wanted to be may prosperity kiss your feet and chase you wherever you go

New year brings freshness Dreams of truth and imagination Filled with feelings of Faith, trust and inner beauty Sincere happy new year

Hope this new year will Bless you with beams of energy Raindrops of fortune And mountains of confidence To embrace a promising future

Greetings in Chinese for Chinese New Year

可能这个假期的精神与爱心的和平与安宁填补你的心脏。 祝你祝福新年进步!

每天早上,我向上帝祈祷,让你一年后活得最充分的一年给你繁荣和力量。 祝你新年快乐!


哦,亲爱的,忘了你的恐惧, 让我们所有的梦想是明确的, 从来没有在那里,请听, 我想告诉一件事在你的耳边, 祝你新年快乐!
几年来来去去,但你,妈妈你仍然全部通过是这个家庭的顶梁柱。 我希望你用充满欢乐和力量的新年快乐。

We wish you a very Happy Chinese New Year 2016. Have fun!

Chinese New Year 2016 Images {Latest Pictures}

Chinese New Year 2016 Images

Chinese New Year 2016 is special event which can celebrate by many people. We celebrate New-year by so many ways but have u ever thought that by other ways also we can celebrate New-Year .Yeah! There are many other ways by which we can celebrate New Year Eve. But In china New Year is celebrated from February 8 to 22. Let see some of the splendid greetings which you can greet Chinese with and they will love you for this. Here, you can find best greetings for coming Chinese New Year 2016 which will be very useful to you. Do you want to see Happy Chinese New Year Images? Find here best high quality Chinese New Year 2016 Pictures here.

Chinese New Year Pictures

On Chinese New Year 2016 , your friends can plan a party together not so boring party which is filled with nonsense but a funky party with all the creativity .The party can be a get together if all the friends and decide a theme together for New Year and get dressed in that way which will make uniqueness in all the friends. You will be literally laughing at what others have worn; I would like to suggest you to have a funny theme. Along with that make party hats which will make you and all your friend’s jokers and you will be rolling on the floor. Wow, that will make Chinese New Year  New Year so special. Looking for Happy Chinese New Year Pictures? We have updated best collection of Happy Chinese New Year 2016 Images for you. Please check it below.
Happy Chinese New Year 2016 Images

Chinese New Year 2016 Latest Images

Chinese New Year Pictures 2016

Chinese New Year 2016 Pictures

Chinese New Year Pictures

Chinese New Year Image Year of the Monkey

Chinese New Year Images 2016

Chinese New Year 2016 Images

Chinese New Year Images

We hope that you loved the collection of images. We will be soon updating more and more images for this Chinese new year 2016. Mean while don't forget to check the Chinese new year activities for kids and let you kids have fun all festive season. 

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{#Latest} Chinese New Year Sayings 2016!

Chinese New Year Sayings 2016

Happy Chinese New Year 2016. New Year is celebrated on all across the world. The season is just filled with happiness every-where. .It is a festive season that almost every country of the world enjoys. The celebrations are not on a small scale .They vary from a simple man’s life to a highly rich celebrity .It vary from simple home parties to big commercial parties.

The vigour of new-year is seen. Every person of World seems to be indulged in parties, gifts and much more. This is a time when we are bidding good bye to the old year and are very excited for the New Year. Chinese New Year Sayings is very special when we share it our friends and family. Looking for Chinese New Year 2016 Sayings? Here we have updated here collection of Chinese New Year Sayings 2016 . Find here:

Chinese New Year Sayings for 2016

We celebrate New-year by so many ways but have you ever thought that by other ways also we can celebrate New-Year .Yeah! There are many other ways by which we can celebrate New Year Eve. But In china New Year is celebrated from February 8 to 22.But they celebrate this festive season by saying some quotes which you will get to learn in the leading part. We have updated here collection of Chinese New Year Saying for you which will be very useful to you.

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Chinese New Year Sayings

Happy Chinese New Year 2016 Saying


Meaning : This means “ Happy New Year “ .So when you need to wish anyone happy new year in Chinese say it and grab their hearts.


Meaning : It also means happy new year and you can also use it in China so as to make them aware you also better known Chinese.


Meaning : It is used when Chinese New Year is in progress and yet to come .So for advance happy new year use this saying .People will really be shocked how you have adapted to their language.


Meaning: It means the happiness and prosperity. So when you want to wish anyone that happiness and prosperity comes in their life so us these beautiful words and they will be smiling after hearing these.


Meaning :It means gifts during New Year season . So when you are gifting someone use this saying and the person whom the gift is dedicated to , she will love you like anything.


Meaning :It is just a good saying that with the onset of this new year may the person whom you are greeting to , will get shower of wealth and he will be full of money during this new year.

Meaning :It is just a good saying that with the onset of this new year may the person whom you are greeting to , will get shower of wealth and year after year there will a surplus and prosperous year.So it is really good wish and people of china will love you for this wish.


Meaning:This saying means that fortune will smile on your means this new year will bring a good fortune for you.You are really going to be very happy after getting this greeting from any of your friends.


Meaning:It means that you may have good health and the spirit of dragon remains away from you and you are been bestowed by good health and fortune.

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Meaning :It is mostly used for children below the age of 10 years for wishing for them a good health so that this new year will be super awesome for them and believe me they are going to love you for this. 


Meaning:This you can use for the masses who do their own business, for wishing them with their prosperous business this year. The people will love you for this.


Meaning:This is to wish people to give them a good feeling that things will go as they want them to go.So this is a goodluck charm for the people whom you are going to wish to.

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Meaning:This is for the people who are very serious about their career , wish them with this saying so that they have a very sharp rise in their career and they are literally going to give you loads of blessings for this blessing.


Meaning : It means instant success , wish the people with this saying and really they will be so happy as every person is in want of getting instant success so , this will just make them superb good.


Meaning:It is used for the students to wish them with very prospering career ahead and they may do very well in the coming new year and kids are going to love you for this. Happy Chinese New Year


Meaning:It means progress in studies. It is used for the students to wish them with very prospering career ahead and they may do very well in the coming new year and kids are going to love you for this.


Meaning :It means Success in the examination .It will help the kids to gain very good marks in the examination.They are really going to be so glad to hear this as every child needs to have flying colours in the examination.

Amazing!!! Chinese New Year 2016 Images


Meaning :It means good fortune for the whole family.This is a really good fortune for the family whom you are wishing to.So bless them with this saying and they are going to love you for this.


Meaning : It is just to wish people with good health.It is a very popular saying and for this people are going to love you madly.Say this and win people’s hearts.


Meaning : This saying is used to give a good feeling to your person whom you are wishing to that your works go smoothly and hence new year will so super awesome for the person you are wishing to.Hence don’t wait just go for it.

We hope that you loved our list of happy Chinese New Year Sayings. You can also go through some other posts on our blog to know more about the traditions of Chinese New Year 2016. Wish you a happy Chinese New Year. 

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Happy Chinese New Year Wishes 2016, Top {*50*} Wishes

Chinese New Year Wishes

We do have lots of friends, family members and they do expect a bit from us so here is a perfect day where you can give them lovely presents. This season is filled with liveliness and happiness with the commencement of Happy Chinese New Year 2016. It is celebrated in China to keep a beast away named “year “that’s why they lit their homes with lanterns and fireworks to keep that beast away. They have their traditional beliefs associated with New Year. On this day number of delicious new dishes are being made .Let’s see what is the delicious menu of this New Year in China.

Happy Chinese New Year Wishes

Chinese New Year 2016 is one of the special festival in china. Because, In china, all people will celebrate this festival which will bring good feeling on every one minds. We don't need to hesitate to celebrate this wonderful festival, there is plenty of ideas to celebrate this event, so select your favourite and best idea to celebrate this festival.

Send your Chinese New Year Wishes 2016 on this wonderful festival. We have collected best wishes for this Chinese new year, find here best one for you. 

CNY 2016 Wishes

Chinese New Year Wishes

"Hope the rising sun will bring with it bundles of joy, happiness and luck. Happy Chinese New Year 2016!"

"Light the lanterns and usher in another great year with new hopes and aspirations. Happy Chinese New Year!"

"Let this Chinese New Year see you in the best personal as well as professional form."

"Get rid of the demons of the year gone by and embrace the positives to lead a fulfilling and pleasurable life ahead."

"Wishing you and your family the best of the world in this Chinese New Year!"

"Another year gone by, another year about to start and another set of opportunities being provided to you for realizing all your unfulfilled dreams in this Chinese New Year."

"Cheers to a brand new start and a brand new year."

"Wish your good fortune on the Chinese New Year."

"Hope the days ahead are filled with immense joy and prosperity. Happy Chinese New Year."

"Bid Adieu to the celestial year of snake with elegance and embrace the year of horse."

Happy Chinese New Year Wishes

Happy Chinese New Year Wishes

"May the new year bring in your life joys that never fade, hopes that never die, strength that never weakens and take you as high as the sky. Wishing you a very happy chinese new year."

"My only wish for you on this new year is that may God shower you with the best of his blessings that make this year a splendid year full of success and happiness. Have a great chinese new year!"

"New Year is the time to unfold new horizons & realize new dreams, to rediscover the strength & faith within u, to rejoice in simple pleasures & gear up 4 new challenges. Wishing u a truly fulfilling new year! "

"May this New Year bring many opportunities your way, to explore every joy of life and may your resolutions for the days ahead stay firm, turning all your dreams into reality and all your efforts into great achievements. "

"When the mid-night bell rings tonight, Let it signify new and better things for you, let it signify a realization of all things you wish for, Let it signify a year of courage and believes, Wishing you a very very very prosperous 2015 "

"3-2=one heart praying for u, 1+1=two eyes looking for u, 3+2=five senses missing u, 4+3=seven days in a week I desire u, 7+5=1 2months asking GOD to bless u "

"May each day of the coming year, Bringing along many reasons for celebrations "

Chinese New Year Wishes for 2016

Chinese New Year 2016 Wishes

"Memorable moment r celebrated together, U r my best friend for now & forever, Make me Miss U even more this New Year, Hope this year bring Happiness for you Dear. "

"My Happy New Year wish for you, Is for your best year yet, A year where life is peaceful, And what you want, you get. "

"Happy New Year to you, And when the new year's done, May the next year be even better, Full of pleasure, joy and fun. "

"Gain Rapid Advancement like a Carp leaping into the dragon's gate "

"Happy New Year! And Best wishes for much success! "

"New Year New Hope May everything be as you wish! "

"May wealth always come your way. May it be auspicious and as you wish. A Charm to Bring Satisfaction and Happiness Year by Year "

Happy Chinese New Year 2016 Wishes 

Chinese New Year Wishes 2016

"May you be happy and prosperous! Good fortune as you wish! "

"Good Fortune! May gold ingots pour in from all sides!! "

"Click for your fortune! Do not fight battles that no one will win. May you have nothing but good fortune this Chinese New Year! "

"Lots of Luck and Fortune! May it be as you wish every year!! With great luck and fortune!! "

"as spring is around, good fortune abounds. As season progress, your longevity increases. A Charm to insure prosperity and long life "

Happy Chinese New Year Wishes 2016

worries and sorrows
are now a thing of the past
embrace a bright new future
enjoy the endless journey of succes
for you and your family
good luck in the year of the horse


wish you and your family
a happy chinese new year
the coming year will
bring you joy, love and peace
fulfilling all your desires.


prosperity will fall in your lawn
with blooming flowers of
happiness and success
every moment of the next year
will be a reminder of
this best chinese new year ever 2016.


May your life be free of worry and fear, instead may you have happiness,
Good health and success all year.Wishing you a happy and prosperous

Happy Lunar New Year. Hope
all your New Year dreams come true!


Hope the days ahead are filled with immense
joy and prosperity. Happy Chinese New Year.


Light the lanterns and usher in another great year with
new hopes and aspirations. Happy Chinese New Year!

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Chinese New Year Crafts Activities, Ideas 2016

Chinese New Year Crafts

We all know that Chinese New year 2016 is around the corner and many of them are already excited to celebrate the festival in style. There are many ways to celebrate the Chinese new year but for kids there are many activities to indulge into.

Chinese New Year History

Before we dig into the Chinese new year crafts, ideas and activities, let's have a look at the history of the Chinese New Year. Han dynasty existed from 206 BC to 220 BC. They fixed the first day of the first month as official day for New Year celebration. Crack Bamboo appeared on this day because they create loud sound and that too cracking when they are made on fire.The reason behind this is that harsh noise keeps evil always.So this is a good omen.

Wei dynasty existed in 220-265 BC and Jin dynasty existed in 265-420 BC.At that time they came with a new idea of fireworks for celebration of New Year. They popularized the new idea of celebrating New Year with new and beautiful way.

Not talking more about the past, let's now see some of the best Chinese new year craft ideas for 2016.

Chinese New Year Craft

Chinese New Year Craft

Chinese New Year 2016 Crafts Activities

Chinese New year 2016 Crafts

Chinese New year Craft 2016

Chinese New Year Crafts Pinterest

Chinese New Year 2016 Crafts Pinterest

Chinese New Year Crafts 2016

Chinese New Year Crafts 2016

Chinese New Year 2016 Crafts

Chinese New Year Craft Activities 

Chinese New Year Craft Activities

Chinese New Year 2016 Craft Activities

Chinese New Year Craft Ideas from Pinterest

Chinese New Year Ideas from Pinterest

So this completes the list of Chinese New Year craft 2016 and their ideas & activities taken from Pinterest. We hope that you loved our ideas and will share them too with your loved ones. Wish you a happy Chinese new year 2016

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7 MOUTHWATERING Chinese New Year Food Recipes. Too Tasty!!!

Chinese New Year Food

While celebrating any festival you just cannot stay away from your favorite dishes and food. Isn't it? Everyone enjoys sweetness so why forget to have some out of the box pudding and cookies on this Chinese New Year 2016?
We would suggest you not only you make for yourself and family but do share them with your neighbours and other family members , I bet they will love it!!You can make a Biscuit roll, Bourbon Biscuit, Butter Cookie and caramel brown-bread in cookies and in Pudding you can make some marvellous pudding like Chocolate pudding, Bread and butter pudding and Caramel apple pudding. These will add cherry to cake in midnight. So let’s find out what are the main Chinese New Year’s Eve dinner dishes and menu which is made in every home.

Chinese New Year Recipes

Chinese New Year Food

1. Kung Pao Chicken

It is named after a court official whose name was none other than “Kung Pao”. Kung Pao chicken is a really delicious dish which is but spicy and is made with diced chicken. It also contains a lot of cicken, peanuts and chilli peppers. It is stir-fried so as to reduce calories taking in view of the obese people. It is really very delicious and for Chinese it is their favourite Chinese New Year dish.

Click here for the Kung Pao Chicken Recipe

2. Sweet and Sour Pork

Pork Is pig’s meet. It is made by deep frying the pork in batter to make it juicy and crispy. It is then stir –fried to reduce the calories present in the dish. Also pineapples are being added to dish to make it sweeter and perfect for the New Year recipe in China.

Click here for the Sweet and Sour Pork recipe

3. Lobster Cantonese

Lobster Tails are being cooked on New Year day .It is a delicious dish and is made in savoury sauce and is deep fried. It is also added with Chinese black beans and pineapples to add taste to our lobsters to make them finger-licking.

Click here for Lobster Cantonese

4. Dumplings

They are very popular in Northern China. It is mostly made on New Year’s Eve. It is made with flour and then salt and pepper are added for taste. Then with the help of water a dough is made and them small balls are being made Then the dumplings are being cooked in a cool and then served hot.

Click here for Dumplings recipe

5. New Year Cake

In china it is made with glutinous rice flour and sugar is added for taste. It is mostly famous in Eastern China.A dough is made with the help of baking powder and then baking it a base is created and then you can add cream to it and various jellies to make it a superb dish to eat. It is really very delicious to eat.

Click here for New Year Cake’s recipe

6. Tang Yuan

It is a small ball made from rice flour .In this flour is mixed with water to form dough and from that dough small balls are being made. The balls are then cooked in oil and then served in boiling water. The balls can be filled with some other material. It is a very traditional dish and is really very tasty to be eaten on the eve of New Year in China.

Click here for Tang Yuan recipe

7. Laba Congee

This is made with rice, nuts and beans al cooked together in cooking oil at medium flame for about 30 minutes. It is really very tasty to eat and sugar is added to taste for the sweetness. It is a favourite dish of people in China at the time of New Year. These dishes just add to taste.

Click here for Laba Congee recipe

I think you are already mouth-watering. Isn't it? Then why not try these dishes at your home today? Go get the required ingredients and try the above recipes and enjoy the Chinese new year food in style. 

Chinese New Year Activities for Kids 2016

Chinese New Year Activities : 

We celebrate Chinese New year 2016 by so many ways but have u ever thought that by other ways also we can celebrate New-Year with kids.Yeah! There are many other ways by which kids can celebrate New Year.But parents are void of any idea so that make them sad. Now children no need to be sad.

Let’s have a look at those ideas that can make your kids New Year more special and entertaining. Chinese New Year Activities info has providing here specially for kids for this 2016 year.

Chinese New Year Activities for Kids:

Chinese New Year Activities

10. Finding Gifts

It is a superb game for small children .When number of friends have come to your home and you do not have that much great idea you can play this game with your friends and make your New Year special. In this you have to purchase the no of balls of yarn as your no of friends. Now unwind this ball. And attach a prize to one end of this and place it somewhere else it cannot be seen. Now pass these threads through many different rollers and furniture and curtains. So that children can find difficulty in finding their gift and also it will arouse curiosity in children. At the end of the day children will be tired but the best part is they will get their gift and I bet they will be damn happy!!

Chinese New Year Activities for Kids

9. Balloon Fun

Take no of balloons and now write different names on every balloon. Tell your child to get the balloon with his name written on it and pop it at midnight .He will be so happy and again he has popped up his balloon he will be sad, end his sadness by giving him new balloon to write his name on it .He will really be very happy and going to enjoy a lot. Don’t miss this idea .It just fabulous.

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8. ABC's

Take a bowl in which there are several paper pieces in which different letters are there .Pick a piece of letter and the child has to guess some country name starting with that word. In this way the game starts and the person who is not able to tell any word in time limit will be given mild punishment. The person in the last will win the game .

7. Midnight Snack Bags

You know what your child likes the most so get ready with snack bags with all the lollipops , chocolates , sweet drinks and much more so that at midnight he may open his snack bag and will get a superb gift from his mother by eating those yummy stuffs at midnight.

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6. Night out at one friend’s place

If your kids are above 5 years then they can enjoy a lot on the New Year eve by night out at some friends place. They can play, have fun. But while doing this pack their stuffs like their towel, their food and other important things so that he can enjoy a lot and can make his new year very special.

5. Winter Pool Party

If number of friends of you kid are at your place and you don’t have suitable idea for your kid that how to celebrate his new year. This will be just more than perfect, take him to the pool and arrange a small but funky party over there. Gather some props and playing props like bat, ball and others .Your child is going to enjoy a lot and sure this is going to be his best new year ever.

4. Name that Holiday Tune

It is a beautiful game. This can also be played by adult members of the family .In this play some Christmas carol and stop in between. Now if anyone recognizes which carol it is then he will be given a special New Year gift. Not only song he has to predict but also the singer and album would add much cherry to cake. This will really be fun and you can wish happy Chinese new year 2016 to all of them.

3. Treasure hunt

In this write some hints of getting the price on paper pieces and then hide somewhere inside your home. There will be two teams and those teams will go hint by hint, they have to find the other paper piece in order to get hint that how to reach the New Year gift!! At last the team who got New Year gift will be the winner.

Wish your loved ones with Chinese New Year Greetings 2016

2. New Year's Countdown Cake

Kids generally like cakes a lot. This time its new year and I guess he will awake at time too. So arrange a New Year countdown cake for your kid and let him cut his cake and then balloons will be there. He will be so happy for this lovely New Year and will be glad that how the next year is going to be wonderful for him too.

1. Fancy dress up and have a dance party

This idea is of fabulous and believes me every child is going to enjoy a lot. Arrange a Fancy dress party with addition of dance too. So your child would be clad in the character he likes the most. This is the time he will really be very happy and going to dance like a superman .This will make his new year very special.

So these are some of the special Chinese New Year Activities for Kids in 2016. Have a nice year ahead!!!